Ageing in Taiwan: observations of last week elderly activities

I was very impressed about the good organized activities and I think this is why the organization becomes so successful: 1. Hondao is a very professional and innovative elderly organization Young organization (average age organization is 33) Invest a lot in public events to inspire others But because of the good public success of the … Continue reading Ageing in Taiwan: observations of last week elderly activities

Hondao Foundation

“A society is considered to be “ageing” when 7% of its population are senior citizens, according the the UN” Taiwan already reached this number in 1994. Meet the Hondao Foundation This week I had a very interesting meeting with Hondao (non-profit) Foundation that is a big elderly organization in Taiwan. Did you know that Taiwan … Continue reading Hondao Foundation

Working in Taiwan

Slowly I am getting more familiar with the Taiwanese culture and the city. In the weekend I attended the “Dutch Design Dialogue” and it was interesting to see how the Dutch Design scene is collaborating a lot here in Taiwan. I got the change to meet some new people and talk about working in Taiwan. … Continue reading Working in Taiwan

Grey power steps

What is the receipe of Grey Power? I visualized all the steps of the Grey Power project so you can have an idea of who is co-designing and participating in the project. It’s all about working together with local people and sharing the Grey Power message with the audience so we can eventually create a … Continue reading Grey power steps